Weight Gain Pills

Underweight People Should Consider Weight Gain Pills

With obesity being such a large problem in this country, the focus rarely seems to shift to the other side of the spectrum. Being underweight is indeed a problem for nearly 2 percent of the entire population, and this facilitate many health-related consequences, according to the National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey and sources of notoriety.

People are underweight for various reasons, and they also turn to different things to help themselves remedy this problem. Some people sabotage themselves for image reasons, while others just find it increasingly difficult to gain weight. People increase their daily caloric intake, they build muscle, drink protein shakes and all kinds of things.

Weight gain pills are a great alternative solution for people who need to put on weight, especially if they find it extremely difficult. Some of these supplements and pills help provide quicker results than others, and they are also in different categories. So, it’s best to find information about the different supplements so that you can see what can help your specific situation.

Weight Gain Pill Reviews

CBI Weight Gainer Review

CBI Weight Gainer is a supplement that is intended to first slow down your metabolism. This is key when your overactive metabolism is causing you not to be able to put on even a little weight. Anything you use, such as this supplement, should be under doctor’s direction. You don’t want to mess with your body’s processes in the wrong ways or you might end up on the other side of the spectrum, as overweight.

CBI Weight Gainer also specifically triggers hunger in the people taking this supplement. This helps you eat regularly and take in more calories each day. Just be sure that you’re also making healthy choices. That is another solid point. With tools like these supplements, you’re able to shift focus away from fattening foods and candies just to try and put on pounds.

You don’t want to sacrifice a balanced diet just because you can’t gain weight. Instead, you want to eat more of the good foods available to you. As explained, this supplement and others can help make this happen.

CBI Weight Gainer also works gradually, which is another key point for any weight gain pills that you are considering taking to help yourself gain weight. To gain weight in a healthy manner, it needs to be done gradually. As long as you’re tracking your results, you’re going to see that it’s working along the way to your goal.

There are prescribed weight gain pills as well, so this opens up the market a little more for you. The doctors sometimes prescribe Oxandrolone, which is an anabolic steroid. However, this type of weight gain pill is generally most often prescribed for people who have had severe weight loss because of a surgery, medical condition or injury.

Thompson Appetite Booster

This is a selection highlighted not only as an option but to open you up to similar options on the market. This is a relatively cheap appetite booster that is readily available online and sold over the counter. This product has been around since the 1930’s, and it is chock full of vitamins and essential nutrients.

However, this specific product is not all-natural, which leads to yet another point. When looking for weight gain pills, there are also plenty of all-natural solutions. In certain categories, all-natural solutions come with the stigma of not being as effective or taking too much time. However, remember a balanced approach and time allotment for your weight gain goals is ideal.


Myotein is a little more expensive than the above example, but it takes a different approach that should be highlighted. This product focuses on proteins and fits into your balanced diet as a time release formula. This ensures that your weight gain is slow and steady, as it should be.

When gaining weight, you don’t want to put on fat. You want to find that balance where exercise and the right supplements can help you build lean muscle. When your body won’t let you gain weight, it is essential that you incorporate the right strategies so that weight is gained in the right manner. Protein is powerful in helping you not only gain weight but to help you continue turning this weight into lean muscle through strength conditioning exercises.

Growth Factor 9

Growth Factor 9 is a popular weight gain supplement that takes a different approach. You should carefully study this approach if its the path you choose to take. When people hear the words human growth hormone, they clam up. However, this is a naturally occurring hormone in the body.

What Growth Factor 9 does for you is it increases the amount of human growth hormone in your body naturally. This can definitely make some very noticeable changes and also provide faster results than some other products with different approaches.

Save the best for last! Vitamin Code

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This all-natural solution is nutrient-filled and designed to help people reach their ideal weight. Since you’re going to be doing everything else you can to gain weight normally, such as increasing caloric intake, this approach makes the most sense for most people. Why?

Well, say you’ve tried everything to manipulate your diet and daily routine to gain weight, but it’s not working. That is your position. Now, you try an all-natural weight gain supplement, such as Vitamin Code to see if this can get your bodily processes moving and coordinating in the right direction so that you gain weight. To date, you will have tried everything that natural way.

If this doesn’t work, then you likely are going to be needing to talk your doctor about prescription options and possible health-related circumstances that are keeping you from gaining weight. This is the clear step-by-step process that sounds the most ideal.


So now that you have been informed about different avenues you can take concerning pills to help you gain weight, what is your choice? You definitely have a variety of options, and you should now feel confident that you can indeed reach your ideal weight.